Tuxedos – The Style Statement for Men

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

A tuxedo, or tux as it is most commonly referred to as, is a semi-formal suit for men that is usually worn on formal occasions. A business suit should not be confused with a tuxedo; the former has a smooth drape and is neither too tight nor too loose. On the other hand, a tuxedo is specifically made for evening wear or special occasions. A typical tuxedo outfit comprises of a dinner jacket, a waistcoat or cummerbund, slacks, a dress shirt, bow tie or tie and most likely a vest.

TuxedoA cummerbund is worn under the vest or jacket, around the waist. Initially, tuxedos were available only in black or white; however, nowadays they are available in a wide range of colors and even different jacket styles. Some of these styles even include cuff links and ruffled shirts. A tuxedo having slacks and a black jacket is still considered to be formal wear, suitable for specific formal occasions.

There are different types of tuxedos that are specifically designed for various occasions. While adorning formal wear, it is essential to be dressed properly. For that purpose, all the parts of a tuxedo outfit should be well coordinated to give a smooth and polished look that is guaranteed to impress. There are various factors that should be considered before opting for a tuxedo outfit that is appropriate for your particular occasion. Such factors include the time of the day when this outfit will be worn and the level of formality required (depending on the occasion). If the occasion/event is during the daytime, then ‘day’ tuxedos will be most appropriate. Tuxedos that are specifically designed for events during daytime have stripes and are normally dark gray in color, as the color black is not considered suitable to be worn during daytime.


On the other hand, if a tuxedo outfit is to be worn for evening occasions/events, a tuxedo which is black in color would be the most suitable. For events in the evening, different types of tuxedos can be used depending on the type of the event, i.e. whether it is an ultra-formal event or formal, a black-tie event or a white-tie. Since a wide range of tuxedos are available for evening events, a man wishing to buy one may get confused about which would be the best and most suitable for the occasion he has to wear it for. If such confusion arises, he should consult a salesperson who will guide him in getting the best tuxedo outfit that is most suited to the occasion and also looks good on him and enhances his appeal.

TuxedoTuxedos are available in a variety of colors, including baby blue and pink. However, an appropriate color should be chosen on the basis of the time of day at which the tuxedo outfit has to be worn. Apart from the color, tuxedos are available in different sizes and they can also be tailor-made according to the size of the wearer.

Tuxedos that have a good quality are normally made of wool, whereas, ones made with wool-polyester or polyester are usually considered sub-par. The thread count differs at 60-75 threads for every inch, up to 120 threads for every inch. The amount of buttons for the tuxedo jacket can be increased or decreased according to the personal preference of the wearer. Some prefer to wear more buttons to get a more fashionable look while others prefer a single buttoned jacket to get the traditional look.

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