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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Men clothing is as much an integral part of the apparel industry as the women apparel. In fact, these days most men are found more conscious about their outfit than women. Although there are certain clothes, colors and styles in men clothing that are evergreen, men fashion changes according to season and changing trends. Men apparel can be categorized into two main groups; casual clothes and formal wear.
Formal wearFormal wear includes office clothing and clothes worn on highly formal events or occasions. On the other hand, casual clothes can be used on various occasions as they include both casual and semi-formal clothes. In addition to this, men feel more relaxed, comfortable and stylish in casual wear than in formal clothing.

T-shirts are the most used article in casual men clothing. They come in various different styles; collar less v neck shirts, short sleeves or long sleeves t-shirts, loose fitted ones, tight t-shirts and much more. Normally t-shirts are made from a mix of cotton, knitted material and synthetic fiber. This fabric mix gives these shirts their characteristic soft texture. However, the fabric for men in the New Year is tweed or wool. There is no limitation or any restriction to the styles or patterns used in t-shirts. They are casual wear and some can be used in semi-formal gatherings too. Although designs, captions and colors in t-shirts range from just anything to everything, the 2013 color for men is lighter shades of blue. Designs in men shirts include a mix of two or more patterns.

Another type of shirt commonly used by men is the A-shirt, or athletic shirt. These are sleeveless shirts and are also known as tank tops or vests. Although the tank tops are sports clothing, men wear them under casual or even formal clothes too. These are cotton fabric shirts and are quite flexible to give a tight fitting. For underclothes use white tank tops are most popular, otherwise they come in all colors ranging from blacks to greens and reds.

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Sweatshirts and hoodies are also an important article in casual men clothing, especially in winter season. Cotton and wool mix sweaters with hoods look extremely stylish and are particularly famous among young boys and school going kids too. These too come in different colors and styles; usually plain hoods are preferred but hoodies with patterns or captions are also trendy.

Jackets will also be very much in fashion in the upcoming winter season. Instead of using coats that look more formal, fur lined hooded jackets will be the next year winter trend. Black, grey and brown are the jacket colors.

Casual Clothing

With casual shirts, most men prefer wearing jeans. The denim jeans are most popular article in men casual wear. Jeans also come in different colors but the most favorite ones include shades of blue, black, white and brown. Baggy jeans, tight jeans, plain or patterned jeans, low cut or low rise jeans and much more are all jeans styles that are worn by kids and men alike. Along with jeans, men also like to wear chinos or khakis. Chinos are originally made of 100% cotton twill fabric but these days a cotton synthetic mix material is used. These come in shades of brown or “khaki.”


There are many online websites that provide trendiest and most comfortable men clothing. Topman US is one of them. Based in London, Topman is a large retailer of men clothing. It was established in 1970 and is a part of the Arcadia Group. Currently Topman has over 175 stores and Topman US is its franchise in the United States. They primarily offer fashion apparel exclusively for men, though footwear and accessories for men are also available.

Busted TeesAnother well ranked retailer in t-shirts is Busted Tees. Founded in 2004, they are located in Manhattan. Busted Tees specialize in providing funky humorous t-shirts. The website features hoodies, tanks, t-shirts and other fun products which are meant for laughs or harmless pranks.

Men fashion industry is growing very fast and people are inclined more towards casual wear than formal clothes. Consumers these days prefer wearing clothes which are stylish but comfortable too.

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