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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

It is an undeniable fact that shoes are an important element of a person’s overall appearance. For a complete look, it is very important to wear an appropriate pair of shoes according to the dress and the occasion. For example, wearing golf footwear at a casual party or wearing sandals for a game of golf will make no sense at all.

When it comes to men’s footwear, the shoes they wear impact lot on their personality. Their choice of shoes reflects on their status, interests, economic class and many other characteristics of their nature. Nonetheless, appropriate shoes should be worn according to the specific occasion, and they should also complement the overall look or appearance. Not only that, you should also look for superior quality and comfort and the proper fit (your exact size). There are different types, styles and designs of shoes available that are suitable for different, and at times only specific, occasions. The various types of men’s footwear include formal shoes, casual footwear and athletic shoes. We will talk about the casual and formal footwear here.

Formal Shoes
Casual Footwear
There are various types of casual footwear, all available in different colors and sizes. Some of them are mentioned below:

- Saddle Shoes – More like the casual version of the oxford formal shoe, saddle shoes are different because they make use of a leather layer over the instep, which is usually not the same color as of the rest of the shoe. Thus, saddle shoes are classified as casual yet, a stylish choice.
- Boat Shoes – These are summer shoes that men can wear without wearing socks. Though having a moccasin style, these shoes are suitable only for warm weather and are available in a wide variety of colors.
- Canvas Shoes – Or sneakers, as they are more commonly known as, are available in a range of colors and styles. These pair of shoes, according to the situation, can be worn with jeans, shorts and chinos.
- Leather Loafer Shoes – These pair of shoes fill the gap between dress shoes and canvas shoes while capitalizing on comfort at an affordable price. Leather loafer shoes have a heavy rubber sole and casual upper to incorporate leather imitations.
- Sandals – These are one of the earliest forms of men’s footwear and continue to be a good choice for the protection of the feet’s bottom, while allowing for maximum air circulation to the feet’s upper portion.

Mens Footwear

Formal Footwear
Formal footwear for men is most commonly brown or black. However, there are also other choices of colors including chestnut, burgundy, white, oxblood and cordovan. Formal shoes are mainly made of leather, however, often times for greater durability, rubber soles are used in their making, which compromises on their elegance. Just like any other footwear, formal footwear is also available in different styles and designs. Some of them are mentioned below:

- Balmoral/Oxford – Balmorals (American) or Oxfords (British) are lace-up shoes that have closed lacing which keeps them on the foot of the wearer. In these types of shoes, the leather pieces are connected by the laces, which are sewn together at the shoe’s bottom. A majority of the oxfords collection also have an extra leather piece that is sewn over the section of the toe. Oxfords are the standard pair of shoes and are worn with most types of suits.

Casual Shoes

- Monk – Unlike Oxford/Balmoral shoes, monk shoes do not have any lacing and feature a strap and a buckle.
- Derby – Derbies are comparable to Oxfords, however, what differentiates the former from the latter is that the former has open lacing. Derbies are not as formal as Oxfords and are usually preferred in brown color.
- Loafer/Slip-on – Originally intended for men’s footwear only, these shoes are now also worn by women. Loafer shoes for men usually feature a tassel, which is also present in women’s variety too.

The types of shoes mentioned above are all available in different sizes. When opting to buy any type of shoes, even other than those mentioned above, the size chosen should exactly match your size and should be of an exact fit and offer the greatest comfort.

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