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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Jackets are an integral part of men’s’ wardrobe, especially in winter. Jackets not only provide a cozy safeguard against the blistering cold, but they also make the outfit look extremely stylish and elegant. Previously, jackets were worn for keeping cold away only but today, they are an important article of the men fashion apparel industry. Traditionally speaking, a jacket is long garment for the upper body. Currently, different styles and types in jackets are available in the markets.

Men in JacketAlthough jackets, trench coats and blazers are equally popular among women and kids, a man’s wardrobe remains incomplete without one. Among different types of jackets are cropped jackets, padded jackets, denim casual ones, leather jackets, hoodies, parkas and shearling bombers.

Cropped jackets have a waist length hemline and may have long or three quarter sleeves. These can be tightly fitted or loose and the hemline can be dragged up to rest anywhere on the ribs. Cropped jackets may or may not have a collar. Shearling bombers are a modern version of military jackets. They are typically made from leather or nylon and have front pockets and front zipper. They are also called flight jackets as they were initially designed for pilots. For extreme cold weather, men often use padded jackets. These are made from water resistant and insulated material that provide a warm covering against cold and rain. Some jackets have their insides lined with warm material like fur to add an extra layer of warm clothing. Lined with fur jackets are commonly caller parkas or anoraks. Although these two terms are used interchangeably, they are two separate garments; parkas are hooded jackets which are specifically designed to wear in too harsh climate as they are quite heavy and cozy, while anorak is a water proof pull over garment with no front opening. Both parka and anorak are jackets with hoods.


The most commonly used jackets are the leather ones; these are classy looking formal jackets that go well with formal outfit and give a very stylish and elegant look. Leather jackets got immense popularity in the late 20th century when Hollywood stars and Pop music heroes started characterizing themselves with leather jackets. These come in different styles and colors. However, blacks and browns can be used anytime as these remain trendy all year round.

Although leather is an ideal material for jackets, there are several other fabrics too which are used in making these garments. For casual outfit, the best fabric in jackets is the denim. Jeans jackets are stylish, durable and can be stitched high in detail. That is why denim can be made into whatever trendy design. Wool blend fabric is also used in making warm jackets and this material go well for boxy jackets. Wool silk blend is another material. It gives soft and warm garment. Rayon chenille is also used for making jackets.

Perry Ellis

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Although the founder, Perry Ellis, died in 1986 soon after the business started to grow, the company did not stop there. Taken up by new designers, Perry Ellis has managed to establish its unique identity in fashion apparel and accessories.

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