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Monday, December 31st, 2012

Fashion is no longer a woman centric term. With the passage of time, men have also started acknowledging the fact that,”You are what you wear”. In the present day and age, men are as concerned about their appearance as the fairer sex and would go to any extent just to earn that little bit of charm.

Men are more fashion conscious than ever before. It cannot be denied that one’s apparel is a reflection of their personality. What you have in your wardrobe can vastly influence people’s perception of you as well. That’s why keeping your wardrobe updated by incorporating the latest fashion trends is something that cannot be overlooked. In fact, if you want to emerge as a style icon and give your personality a boost, the right apparel can help you spell success.

Men's FashionAchieving the perfect balance of style and sophistication, what you wear can help you inspire those envious glances. However, it is important to understand that fashion is not just about wearing designer clothes. Instead, it is all about how a man sports a look while attractively playing up his assets.

When it comes to men’s apparel, there isn’t a wide array of options available. Still, men today are not shy to experiment with their looks with the limited choices they have. While on one hand, we see vibrant hues splashed in casual wear to jazz up the prevalent subtlety. On the other, we witness unconventional and state-of-the-art accessories as they find their way into every man’s wardrobe.

Whether your style statement is simply sophisticated or decadently debauched, there is always something to accentuate one’s appeal. From eye-catching wallets to embellished belts, well-coordinated ties to fashionable hats, men now understand fashion ins and outs.


When it is about dressing well and looking good, one may believe several outfits will be needed. However, a man can effortlessly achieve that look-to-die-for with a few pieces. Regardless of the age-group you belong to, we have amassed sure-shots tips to choosing apparel that will not only keep things easy on your pocket, but will also enrich your wardrobe with the most amazing clothing staples deemed imaginable. Let’s get started.
Men's Apparel• Wear handy, not trendy. Instead of spending a fortune on designer labels, it is more important to have the flair of putting all the accessories together fashionably yet neatly.
• Don’t burn a hole in your pocket. When shopping for apparel, spending money does not always transform a boy-next-door into a hunk ready to sweep anyone off his feet. Opt for a couple of classic suits, smart jackets and a few dress pants. Five polo and dress shirts are sufficient. As for the other essentials like ties and shoes, neutral shades and contrasting designs can work wonders.
• In order to be an ultimate style-spectacle, choose colors that allow interchangeability. Whatever you select, it should not only sit well with your personality but should be appropriate for a majority of mix and matches. This will leave you some room for creativity and you will be able to experiment more with your looks.
• When colors are in question, skin-tone is something you cannot afford to ignore. It is important to ensure that the core tops compliment your complexion.
• As far as the cut and designs are in question, by choosing according to your build, you won’t ever regret your choices. It is recommended that you prefer classic fit as they are here to stay and never go out of style.
Jos A Bank• Choose clothes that are a perfect fit. Purchasing something you believe will fit you after shedding off a few pounds is not going to get you anywhere. Take time to find garments complementing your build that are neither small nor large.

By using the tips listed above, you can ensure that you always walk in comfort and style. Are you looking for an apparel retailer to prep up your wardrobe? You can narrow down your search to just one name, ‘Jos A Bank & Oakley’. Delightfully personable, they promise to clad you in an air of sophistication. With a reputation others cannot dream of, they are an option that can never go wrong.

OakleyBeing one of the leading retailers of apparel for men, Jos A Bank & Oakley have everything from temping tuxedos to well-tailored suits and from business formals to party casuals to fit every taste and pocket. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer weekend wear and all the accessories one can ask for that are in complete accordance with what’s hot and what’s not of the fashion landscape.

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